About the Breed

The West Highland White Terrier, also known as the "Westie"

is a small but mighty breed. The Westie can be described

as a big dog in a little dogs body who thinks highly of itself.

You will always find the breed in the thick of things, but very

friendly dog. A Westie enjoys life with a passion.

The Westie is an alert, gay, well-balanced and strongly built Terrier. It should be deep in the chest and back ribs with a straight back and powerful hindquarters on muscular legs. The coat should be about 2 inches long, white in color and hard with plenty of undercoat. Its tail should be short and when standing erect should not extend above the top of the skull. The tail should be shaped like a carrot, flat on the back, with no feathering and should be as straight as possible. It is never docked. The hair around the head should be shaped some what like a chrysanthemum to show off the typical whimsical expression and its black eyes. Preferred skin pigmentation is dark.

With a hard, white and double coat, a Westie does not require frequent baths. Its coat will repel dirt. A light dusting with corn starch and brushing can quickly clean the coat. Brushing about once a day will also keep the coat tangle free as well as clean. When you bathe, it is highly recommended that you use an oatmeal based shampoo which is soothing to the skin. A blue shampoo is also good for keeping the coat nice and white. Westies do not shed but still need a daily brushing.

Whether you have a show Westie or just a pet Westie, it is a high maintenance dog when it comes to grooming. If competing in breed, a Westie must be hand stripped on a regular basis, about every 2-3 days. A pet Westie can be clippered by a groomer who is familiar with the breed, Approximately every 6-8 weeks.

Westies adapt well to apartments, condos and townhouses but do require a good walk each day and/or a place to run to exercise. As puppies, westies can be big chewers. It is very important that they have plenty of toys, especially chew toys. Supervision is very important at this stage so they learn what they can or can not chew on. If you do not have the time to work through this stage then this is not the dog for you. A good fenced-in yard is a must if you live in a house. Westies are earthdogs, meaning they love to dig. You must be prepared for this.

With its spunky attitude and energy, a Westie can very easily be a man's dog but its small size and sweetness can please the lady of the house as well. When brought up with children, the Westie makes an excellent companion and playmate. They enjoy a good game of ball. Westies have a long life span, living 12-17 years of age. Some have been known to live longer.

A good puppy class as well as an obedience class is highly recommended. The puppy class gives you and your puppy a chance to bond and your puppy will learn some welcomed manners. Obedience classes will teach you how to have better control of your puppy. Contact your local breed or obedience club to see if any classes are offered. You will find it well worth the money spent.

Breeder Referral:

McFadden Pat Valrico, Fl




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For Westie breed rescue please visit Sunshine State Westie Rescue.